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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson


Other Names: None

Assumed Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1771

Birth Place: New Garden

Death Date: 1835

Death Place: Darby

Affiliations: Concord Quarterly Meeting of Friends , Darby Friends meeting , New Garden Friends meeting , Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends. Indian Committee , Philadelphia Friends meeting , Society of Friends

Notes: Quaker who instructed the Seneca in industrial subjects and kept journals. In 1798 with two other young men, went to the Cornplanter Indian reservation and made a settlement at Genesingutah. Married Jane Hough at Philadelphia Meeting in 1801; certificate fro New Garden to Darby in 1803. Appointed an elder to Concord Quarterly Meeting of Friends in 1815. Married Ann Paschall, Quaker minister and widow of Thomas, in 1833. Author, "The Civilization of the Indian Natives" (pub. 1830). Indian Committee of PYM.

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