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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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stay so long, upon these conditions that the person who
applies for the premium must produce a certificate from
two of the Chiefs, certifying the quantity of grain, cloth
& c. for which the premium is demanded, & that it was
raised, or made in the manner above mentioned, and
that the person so applying has not been intoxicated
with strong drink at least for the term of six Months
before such application.

And our friends Henry Simmons Joel Swayne
& Halliday Jackson are hereby authorized & desired
to pay the above mentioned premiums, agreeably to
what is herein before express’d.

5 mo 22nd 1798 Joshua Sharpless
John Peirce
Henry Simmons
Joel Swayne
Holliday Jackson

After reading these propositions, we were again
enabled seriously to expostulate with them on various
subjects relative both to their moral & temporal con-
duct; but particularly on their excessive use of strong
drink, a variety of instances whereof we had been eye
witnesses to. Divers of them, as heretofore, appear’d