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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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that place the ensuing winter unless their
is an addition to our member

We have lately purchased a Cow which sup-
plies us with plenty of Milk-

Our Corn, Potatoes, etc. Looks well, and we
are preparing Ground to sow several Bushels
of Winter Grain-

Being well in health we have nothing to
"alleghany" more than we desire to hear from you
as often as opportunity serves-

We remain your affectionate Friends H.S. J.S. & H. Jackson
Third letter from the Committee Received 9th mo. 12th 99 Philadelphia 6 mo. 22nd 1799 Dear Friends,

Your several Letters of 3 mo. 21 & 4 mo.
21st haveing been duly received were read in a mee
ting of the Committee and the 18 Ultimate, their
general contents being acceptable and satisfactory

Your prospect of an increasing desire of improvement