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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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to a race of men whom the prod--dce power of custom
had for ages held in inconditional bondage - and
can there be a worse Slavery on earth than
the poor ess--tedinfatuated sons of intemperance endure
under the merciless tyrant that sways his Galling
Scepter over them. Let us then unite over
unite our efforts to ---- emancipate rescue
from the vortex of destruction this class of our
fellow beings, with ardent prayers to the almighty
that he may bless our labours and say as of
old by the mouth of the Prophet "Let the
oppressed go force."

In order that you may be more fully
acquainted with the views & regulations of our
association we here with send you a copy of
our articles - also an address that was printed
and spread in various parts previous to the last
Harvest. These probably many of you have seen
in the public prints, but as an intercourse inter
course between the "kindred associations". requested
on your part, we should also like to receive
officially any communications that may be made
by you on this subject

We remain your friends
JB. Elz. HJ
Ezsa Michman
Wm Jackson Junr