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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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are free to suggest that you rather encourage
some of the Indians to second a few of their Chil-
dren to reside near you in winter – perhaps
by so doing the school will be smaller, but
we hope quite as useful to such as do attend
and afford you more comfort and satisfaction,
believeing you will strengthen and encourage
one another and be less exposed by resideing
as much together as may be – we would
not wish to be understood as disapproveing
of the trial already made but feel a solici-
tude for your preservation under the safe
direction of pure unerring wisdom

Enclosed is Invoice of such of the Articles
you wrote for, as was by the Committee
concluded to forward – except the three
Barrels of Flower, and Flax seed, which it
is expected Abner

& Jesse Barker will
forward with the other articles from

We remain your affection
ate friends – Signd on behalf of the committee
To H.J. J.s. H Simmons Tho. Wistar Clerk