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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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5mo 1st

A fine day for travelling though warm
went to Abraham Gibbons 11 miles here
by appointment met with Joel Swain
and Holliday Jackson, two young
men, who with H. Simmons had
given up to reside some time among
the Indians for their religious and tem
poral benefit; took dinner here then
went 7 miles to Lancaster where stopp-
ing and doing some buisness we went
on to Wright’s ferry 12 miles on Susque-
, where there is a pretty town
laid out it contains 20 or more good
houses beautifully situated on an eleva
tion above the river the shore of which
was lined with many thousand feet
of white Pine Boards, which had
been rafted down the said River.

Most of this days ride was through
a fruitful well improved Country