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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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Philadela 5 m 29th 1821 Esteemed friend
Halliday Jackson

Much solicitude prevails
here with respect to the measures that
may be attempted in the select Meeting
relative to our dear antient friend, and
the doctrines he has been anointed to
promulgate to the world. I wish thou
would steal a few minutes to give
me an account of what may transpire
on the subject, I know thou will be
much engaged, I therefore do not ask
a minute account, but merely a sum -
mary one of what may be done. We
have had an account of the public
meeting at Rose Street yesterday, but
we have not heard one word of
the closings of the Meeting on 7th day.
should thou meet with Nicholas