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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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Spring in order to make a more permanent
settlement at this place, as there is a probabili
ty of our business being a good deal scattered,
and suitable accommodations will be pro
vided for this reception—

Having lately wrote pretty largely to
you we have little to "alleghany" only that we
continue to enjoy our health, and that
you are often feelingly brought into our

We remain your affectionate Friends H.S. J.S. & H.J
The following Letter we received from the
Indians of Cataraugus Village Cataraugus April the 11th To the Allegeny Quakers --

This day we have met with our
Brothers as opportunity to write a few lines,
we return thanks to our Maker for our op-
portunity to proceed, our business is to