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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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Wm Johnson

at Buffalo who will deliver them
to You when you are ready to build a saw mill
first informing Halliday Jackson and Joel Swayne
our two young men who live at Genesinguhta
and getting their Order for delivering them to you.
Brothers we cannot at this time give you any assis-
tance about Farming, but if the men will begin
to be industrious ( we see your land is very good)
you may soon raise abundance of Grain and if
you take our advice in that and leave off drink
ing Whisky, we shall be encouraged to try, to
instruct you further in farming and work-
ing your land, but if you will spend your
money that you should buy Cattle and other
useful things with, for Whisky, we shall be
discouraged from trying to get our young men
to come and live with you, and instruct you, for
we see that bad white men who get drunk do
very little good for themselves or anybody else.

Buffalo 10 mo. 9 – 1799
Signd by Joshua Sharpless Isaac Coates James Cooper Thomas Howardson