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Beyond Penn's Treaty

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Look through a variety of transcribed texts examining Quaker interactions with American Indians during the eighteenth century. These texts include diaries of Quakers traveling to American Indian villages, letters from various Quaker families, and the papers of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures.

View manuscript metadata, the scanned image of a document, and biographical and historical information on any mentioned person, place, or group when looking at a page of a manuscript.

View profiles of all people, places, and groups mentioned in these texts and a listing of all the documents they appear in.


Explore three different maps that give an overview of a different aspect of the collection of texts. View a map organized by traveler, date, or see a map displaying which locations were most popular.

View travel routes that various Quakers took during the eighteenth century by choosing a specific manuscipt and viewing what location is associated with each page in the manuscript.

See digitized historical maps from the collections of Friends Historical Library and Quaker & Special Collections.


Help transcribe documents! Transcriptions will allow us to add the people, places, and groups informaiton to these documents, providing further infomration for researchers.


Searching any term, such as "Quaker," will return results grouped by type. Types of results are person, place, group, page of a manuscript, or a manuscript itself.

Find a person, place, or group by searching any term that may appear in their profile somewhere. For example, if you search "Quaker," the search feature will return all people, places, and groups that have "Quaker" mentioned in their profile.

Similarly, find a manuscript or a page of a manuscipt by searching a term that appears anywhere in the full text of these digitized collections.

After executing a general search, narrow your search by faceting. Facet suggestions will appear on the left hand side of your search results.