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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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them a few of those useful articles we think if they
were deposited in our care the Indians would not think
hard of coming to us for them – In the mean time
if we should have further intercourse with that people
we mean to extend our inquiries into their conduct
and situation, and transmit our knowledge thereof
to you –

A few articles may be necessary to send forward in the
Spring for our accommodations here, of such as we
recollect at present is – Chocolate Tea, 2 Bushels
of fine Salt – a short piece of Strong Cloth – 1 do of strong
shirten linen, some Candle wick – 1 doz nail Gimblet
100 Sprigs – 6 plain bits & an Almanack –

The Cloth and linen is intended for the accommoda
tion of the Family here – we don’t desire any more
to traffic with the Indians, and if a Smith should
come forward some more Tools, Iron & Steele per-
haps will be necessary All which we submit to
you, and being well in health remain your

Affectionate Friends – Joel Swayne
Halliday Jackson