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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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and of the latter about 90, also about 9 bushels
of buckwheat, but had a difficult time in
collecting them by reason of much wet
weather in last month. –

We have near four Acres of Wheat & rye
sow'd which looks well present –

We have got a good Smith Shop erected
and are now about building a Barn which
we expect to Finish in a few days

We have some prospect of teaching several
small Indians who reside near us, at our
house the ensuing Winter, and now have
a more Adult person living with us
to be instructed in School Learning,
whose debilitated situation of Body renders
him incapable of procuring livelihood
in the common way

Haveing some intelligence of the Yellow [fever]
being again prevalent in Philadelphia

raises in us desires of hearing from you
often, either in a collective or individual

Corn planter

: and several of his people proposes going to Philadelphia in the early part of this winter

We are well and remain your affectionate
Friends. J. S H. J