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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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You know that by drinking
Whisky you distress your own mind
& bring trouble on your selves & this
is displeasing to the Great Spirit --

We send this by our friend
Jacob Taylor

, who is also a friend to
the Indians, & who will have this speech
read & explaind to you ---

We are your friends and Brothers
Cataraugus 9 Mo 21st John Philips Isaac Bonsal Halliday Jackson

Breakfasted at our Lodgeing and about
8 Oclock took leave of our Companions I.B.

N. Waln Jr. & Jacob Taylor accompanying
us - we had a pleasant Journey along the
beautiful Margin of Lake Erie 36 Miles to
New Amsterdam at Buffalo Creek -- several
new Settlements were forming along
the side of the Lake in this days Journey
on Land of an exelent Quatity

We arivd about 5 Oclock and took Quarters
at J Crows

Tavern where Erastus Granger