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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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Notes on a visit to the Seneca Nation of Indians
by Joshua Sharpless & John Pierce 1798 Fourth Mo. 30th 1798

Friday left our habita-
tions after experiencing a humbling time in pasting
with our families & connections & were accompanied
from home, by Henry Simmons, who called on us,
& next day we were met by Halliday Jackson & Joel
at the House of Abrm Gibbons, whence
we all went off out about two in the afternoon, & after se-
veral days fatigueing ride, we arrived at Russ
in Redstone where we rested ourselves
& horses about two days, attended their meeting and
then proceeded on to Pittsburgh where we arrived
5th Mo. 10th about noon.

Soon after our arrival in this place we waited
on Abner & Jesse Barker to whose case our Goods
had been consign’d from whom we learn, that they
came safe to them, two days since & are lodged in the
public stores; & that the Articles which they were
particularly directed to provide are in readiness