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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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minds by the next meeting of the committee as to pro-
duce a willingness to spend some time in your settlement.

Your answer to the letter of the Cataraugus

is such a proof of your Guarded care and anxious
concern for their Good as it could not fail of being
very satisfactory to the Committee who have
agreed to forward for their use some hoes and
Axes together with the Articles for your accom-
modation when convenient opportunity occurs, and
for your information we enclose a Copy of a
letter addressed to that tribe by our friends who were
at your country last Fall –

Under a full persuasion that every act of obedience
is not only noticed but in the lords time
fully rewarded, we doubt not but your dedicati
on to the very trying duty allotted you will
(as patience is abode in) be abundantly recom-
pensed, with that peace which surpasseth
every Temporal acquisition –

With desires that you may be favoured with
the continuance of that divine support
which hath hitherto been graciously afforded for
your strength and encouragement we remain
your affectionate friends

Joel Swayne & H Jackson John Elliott Ellis Yarnall
on behalf of the committee