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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Some account of my journey to
the Seneca Nation of Indians and
residence amongst that People

After passing through various exercises on this
occasion and witnessing a full submision to the Divine
will in regard to giving up all to follow him
where ever he might be pleased to lead me; and
obtaining the aprobation of our Monthly Meet
ing at Londongrove

and a Certificate from
thence to the Committee on Indian affairs at
Philadelphia which was accepted and, I left at
liberty to proceed in company with Henry Simmons
and Halliday Jackson who also had prospects of
going to reside sometime amongst the Seneca In

Accordingly on the 30th of 4 mo. 1798

I left the place of my abode in East Marlborough
and rode about three miles to a friends house
where according to appointment I met with
Halliday Jackson

, and the night following we