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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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the more we are confirm'd in a belief that it
had its Origin in benevolence and Good will
to man: and altho’ prosecuted with much dif-
ficulty, labor, and expence, and the advantages
resulting therefrom as yet observable but few;
yet we trust as all engaged there in help
steadily, & patiently to the Single Object,
we shall in due time experienced it own'd
and blest with by the Author of all good;
who we are taught to believe will not suffer
the Smallest Labor of love to go unrewarded.

By information receiv'd from the settlement
at Oneida

we are encouraged to hope considera-
ble progress is makeing there

Feeling and sympathizing with you
as we do, raises in us desires of hearing from
you as often as opportunity will admit

We are affectionately your Friends
Signed on behalf of the Committee
Thomas Wistar Clerk
To Joel Swayne
Halliday Jackson
& Henry Simmons