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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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at Conescotago

as the children are generally at that

We are at present in a reasonable state of
health and remain your loving Friends Henry Simmons & Joel Swayne

Halliday Jackson

being Absent on a Journey
to Cattaraugus with a young man who met
with an accident which disabled him from
Walking and not returning so soon as we
expected, and an Indian now waiting to take
the letter to fort franklin we think it
expedient to send it without his Name

3rd Letter to the Committee 1st mo. 23rd 1799
Dear Friends,

We have written two letters to you
since our settling here the last of which was dated
16 of 11 mo 98, and altho’ we have received no
answer from you in a Collective capacity we
doubt not but many of you sympathize with
us, and we are often mercifully favored to feel the
help of your Spirits cooperating and strength-