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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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present. After a considerable time
of conferrence between themselves
the following is part of the substance
of a speech delivered by one of the

Brothers Deweista (meaning Quakers)

We return thanks to the great
spirit to see you all well, and that
the great spirit has preserved your
women on so long a journey, and
that they arrived safe in our country
we are all glad to see them, and are
pleased much pleased to find they are go-
-ing to stay amongst us to instruct
our women. we return thanks to
the great spirit that he has put
this into their minds, we wish you
therefore to make your minds
easy; they also seemed pleased at

epistle, signifying they
were at a loss for an answer, for
as two of the heads of their women
were not there. After sitting near
3 hours in counsil (exceedingly