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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Bear, then will your old men, your wives,
and your children, be happy and enjoy
the comforts of life, and you will look
on your flocks your fields and your fruit
trees with contentment and pleasure-
Brothers and Sisters we are young men
and can't say a grat deal to you but we
intend to send an account how you
are coming on to our elder brethren in
Philadelphia and we can assure you that they
will be your friends and council you wisely
in every thing for your good, and we
hope your ears will always be open to
listen to their talk

We commend you to the care of the
Great Spirit and are your friends
and brothers
Joel Swayne
Halliday Jackson
8 of the 1st month 1800


ter brought one of her sons to place him
with us in order to have him educated in
school learning and brought up like