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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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be informed that you live in the remembrance
of your friends here, more than any qualificati-
on at present experienced for writing, is the
cause of my addressing you at this time—for tho’ it
might be possible for my head to dictate & my
hand to write something that should sound
agreeable, yet without a correspondent feeling
of the heart, it would be alas! but as sounding

In sincere love in which I
am joined by my wife I am affectionatly
your friend, Thomas Wistar -- To Joel Swayne Halliday Jackson & Henry Simmons
Fourth Letter to the Committee Genesinguhta3rd mo. 24th 1799
Dear Friends,

Our last letter to you was dated
the 23rd of the 3rd month last but was delay'd here
some time before we could get it forwarded to

, since which we received a letter from
Thomas Wistar dated the 19th of 11th mo. 98
and were thankful to find that the late