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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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of breaches. But thou may rely upon it my dear
friend that such Doctrine as part of what thou
delivered among us, instead of restoring peace and
harmony in Society, and gathering into the unity of the
one Spirit, will have the effect of dividing more
in Jacob and Scattering in Israel.

Friends of Darby have hitherto been much preserved in the
Unity having a living Ministry preserved among us which
I trust we duly appreciate & hope it may continue
to be a blessing to the church for Where the trumpet
gives an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself
for the battle. Have my dear friend altho’ I have
written thus plainly I can assure thee I feel no hostility
towards thee but believing that according to thy own
doctrine that honesty to our best and dearest friends
is the greatest kindness we can shew them, I trust what
I have written will at least be considered of intended
for thy good, for I sincerely desire that thy religeous
labours among us may be such as will bring peace
to thy own mind. If I have misunderstood thee I wish
to be corrected & should thy lot be cast among us again shall be
glad to receive thee at my house and cultivate a more inti-
mate acquaintance with thee.

Thy friend
Halliday Jackson


NB I can inform thee that there is a very general dissa-
tisfaction with thy communication at Darby both among the
youth, the aged & some that were not members of our Society
I think it is right to let thee know this. But the communi-
cation I have made it would be my choice to be kept between
thee & me alone. however I have no controll over it after
passing from my hands. I have

thy frie