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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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you can look on your Flocks, your Fields and your
Fruit Trees, with contentment and Pleasure

Brothers and Sisters,

We are young men and cannot
say a great deal to you but we intend to send an account
how you are comeing on to our Older Brethren in

and we can assure you they will be
your Friends and will counsel you wisely in every
thing for your good, and we hope your ears will always
be open to Listen to their Talk –

We commend you to the Care of the Great Spirit
and are your Friends and Brothers

Joel Swayne
Allegany – 12 mo. 29 1799
Halliday Jackson
Ninth Letter to the Committee 1st mo. 16th 1800 Dear Friends,

Our last was dated 11 mo. 10th since
which we have received no intelligence from you
either collectively or individually –

Our Living here the present Winter is in a good
degree comfortable and we are encouraged to hope
we shall experience an addition to our number the
ensuing Summer whereby one of us may be
released from the present engagement