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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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least for the term of six months before
that time. -- And our friends Henry

, Joel Swayne, and Hilladay Jack-
are hereby authorised, and desired
to pay the above Premiums, agreeably to
what is herein before expressed. --

We then were favoured seriouly to
expostulate with them on various subjects
retative to their Moral, and Civil Con-
-duct, particularly there excessive use
of Strong drink, divers instances of
which we had been Eye witnesses of,
since among them, several of their Wo-
-men had having been thus disguised; some of
them appeared Solid, and heard us
with attention, but as far as I have ob-
-served since among them, little or no
Shame covers an Indian for getting
drunk. -- They informed us they
would withdraw a little while into ano-
-ther Room, and confer on our propos-
-als, which doing, in about an hour
they returned, and made us an answer
in substance as follows,