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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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to you , and in waiting for right counsel we
have found much good will toward you, and
desires for your wellfare to prevail in the
hearts of many amongst us, and some of
our young Men from an earnest desire to
be useful to you, have concluded to leave
their usual business here and their comfort
able dwellings and go into your country
for the purpose of instructing you in the
cultivation of your land, raisin & managing
of cattle and to escample you in sobriety and
industry, for which purpose they expect to re
main for a time amongst you

The names of these three young men
are Henry Simmons

, Joel Swaiyne, & Holliday Jackson,
they are true Men and we desire you will re
ceive them as Brothers, and accept of their
kind endeavors for your instruction and
help, and with readings do what they may
show you to be proper for your improve

Brothers We exhort you to follow the example
of these sober young Men, that you may learn