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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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I had some conversation with Benjamin Mason about it &
told him I thought Father intended to continue some support
to Aunt and askt him what he thought would be the best for
to do with the place, & he said if the place was sold he thought
it would be much less cumbersome to her & the Interest of the
money would be a great deal more than what the place would
be likely to rent for. I trust father will do what he
thinks is best and if he desi designs to sell it the sooner
some person was authoris’d to do it the better as there are many
now a hunting land to purchase. and if not I think she
should know as soon as possible what she must do with it.
I wrote to her this day and desir’d her not be too much
concern’d about her getting along in future for I believ’d
it was fathers design still to give her some assistance out of the place as he had
hertofore done. but in what manner I could not tell.

If he writes to me & it should be necessary to go with
any message to her I should have no objection to pay her
a visit if I knew soon as my time are long be engag’d another way.

We have had a large Quarterly Meeting. The Company
of R Jordan, the friends from over the Ohio, & your two City
Women friends - Richard was silint poor fellow told me
he wanted to get home very much.

Jane thinks she will not stand in need of the little
Girl Mother mentioned in her letter. We are all well
& with much of our love to you I remain your

afft Son
Halliday Jackson