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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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to this place about two weeks during which time
I have not had an opportunity of receiving any
letters that may have been directed to me at

, and from not having my papers
with me have it not in my power to refer to
the dates of your Letters, but if my recollection
is correct have received but one from you Joint
-ly, and one from H. Jackson (the latter of which
it is my wish to answer shortly)—

Dear friends, in the exiled, humiliated Situation
in which I at present am, do not feel myself
capable of saying much more to you, than
that I continue to hope the dedication you
have manifested in the cause of humanity
and good will to man, may, as you continue
properly under the exercise, yield you the unde-
scribable reward of peace in your own bosoms
& that during the trying seperation you
experience from the Bosom of Society, you may
be favored to feel the support of the everlasting

I am affectionately Your fr Thomas Wistar Monmouth New Jersey
9 mo 8 1799
To H.J. J.S. H Simmons