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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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Pine Grove 12th mo 4th My dear Father

I suppose you will be somewhat
disapointed in seeing Oliver come home without
me but on several accounts I thought it would
be best to stay another week and allother concl-
uded it would now be a good time for
Oliver to go down for the things that are in
town where the roads are good and as they
are not paid for, thee will please to furnish
him with the money I believe the box
of ware came to between 21 & 22 $ and the
chair, the 12 ΒΌ & have the money for the glasses
but I shall leave them untill I come my
self I want very much to see you all
tho I am not home sick for I have enjoyed
myself and feel that I can be contended
even 32 miles from home althe I can
assure thee it was no small sacrifice of feelling
to leave a such home. I have had and a father
who has been so kind and is now in the decline
of life, but I hope there are those left that can
and will feel the interest that I have done
and surpass me in kindness and attention that