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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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has left us an example that we should follow his
steps. May thou be richly endowe’d with this
precious gift that will keep and preserve thee in
the paths of safety is the sincere desire of thy friend.

I must now tell thee a little of other matters
I wrote to thy friend I. Fownund soon after I left thee &
have since received a letter from him informing of the
satisfaction he felt in hearing from thee. also that he had
been down to Cape Way with Sarah Emlen who paid an
acceptable visit in their haste was not well housed. Yesterday I was in
the City. Wm Foster has arived there & it is said is to
be at our Mo. Meeting on 3rd day next.
Several of a member of friends in the City
have enquired after the Y. M. I had a pressing invitation
to take thee from my relations where my wife &
me will make our homes to bring thee there either
to dine or tea, so I mention it timely before thou art
engag’d for the whole week.

Knowing how much thy time is taken up some
apology may be necessary for the length of this letter
but I can assure thee it is in perfect freedom I write
and could a return of that freedom be received from
the pen of my friend without being borthersome to you
it would meet with the sincerest acknowledgment
of thy assured friend

H. J.