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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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In the fall of the year 1804 my dear
husband and I inform'd friends of brad-
ford mo. meeting

of a concern that had attend
ed our minds to go and reside some time
with the Indian natives near the Alleghany
River, to endeavour to instruct them in
agriculture, spinning, dairies, &c; & Obtaining
the unity and sympathy of our friends
at home, also the concurrence of the yearly
meeting's committee on Indian affairs, H.
likewise having a minute from
Newgarden mo meeting to accompany us

5th mo 20th
1805 2nd day.

After a time of comfortable
quiet, wherein we were in some degree favour
ed to feel the overshadowing of divine regard
to be near a considerable number of our
near relations and friends being present, we
took leave of them in feeling embraces of
endearing love, Father Coope

and Brother
Ezra bearing in company to M. Embree's
there bid farewell to dear James and Wife
and parted with father, a close trial, tears
flowed in abundance under a feeling sym'
pathy for him, and ardent desires were
raised in my heart that he might par
-ticipate of that peace which is the preci
ous enjoyment of all the sincere heart
ed, now in his lonesome and advanced