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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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to carry back a true account to our
friends in their counsel at Philadelphia


9 Mo. 15th 1806 Isaac Bonsal John Philips Halliday Jackson

After the foregoing was read and ex-
-plain'd to them some verbal observations
were made encourageing them to live in
peace and harmony with their wives &
not to let trifling matters part them
but consider them companions for life
for it was pleasing to the Great Spirit for
man and Woman to live together in har-
mony - also some remarks directing
them to the inward principal of Light
in the heart, which would make their
minds uneasy when they did wrong, and
afford them peace and tranquility when
they did, that which was pleasing to the
great Spirit -- They were also encoura-
ged to live in harmony and friendship
among themselves, that this would
enable them to make a progress in the
good work we were endeavouring to pro-
mote among them, but if they split