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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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A fine day for traveling, tho
warm, went to Abraham Gibbons

11 miles, here by appointment we met
with Joel Swayne, and Halladay Jack-
, two young Men who with Henry
had given up to reside some
time among the Indians for their
religious and temporal benefit, took
dinner here, then went 7 miles to Lan-
, where stopping and doing some
business, we went on 12 miles to Wrights
on Susquehanna, where there is
a pretty Town lately laid out, it con-
-tains 20 or more good buildings, beauti-
-fully situated on an elevation above
the River, the shore of which was lined
with many thousand feet of White
Pine boards and other Lumber which had been down that River for
near half a Mile. most of this days
ride has been was through a fruitful well
improved Country, with good Stone