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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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We have assisted them in building several houses and
have made a considerable progress in Farming on our
own Lot for what time we have been on it; our
Corn, Potatoes Garden etc. affords a beautiful
aspect, and we intend to sow some Wheat and Rye
this Fall if we can procure Seed, which can-
not be obtained nearer than Franklin

and Pitts-
that we know of— We are also
about preparing to build ourselves a com-
fortable house before Winter sets in

We are your affectionate Friends Genesinguhta
7th mo 29th 1798 Henry Simmons Joel Swayne & Halliday Jackson

NB We have received no accounts from Philadel-
phia or parts Adjacent since we left them