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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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high towering pyramids that direct transfers
to the City all would be well. I have not
yet seen or heard from Syrus Newlen respecting
that place near Darby but shall endeavour
for it before we go to Town.

We have not had any account from you since
the letter that come by Jacobs Carriage and accounts
then were so unfavourable it makes us anxious
to here, tho the Coolness of the weather and the
Fever abating in Wilmington so that the Citizens
are generally return’d furnish a hope that
your City is by this time in a good measure
freed from that dreadful scourage which at times
seems to threaten almost a total depopul
of poor Philadelphia. we heard of the death
of Caleb Jacksons wife & that 5 or 6 had been buried
out of a house very near or adjoining to them.
also 4 out of B. Stokes family. Tho’ great pains
is taken to those the origin of the disease and impute
it to divers causes Perhaps no sovereign remedy will be
found but the people turning every one from his
evil way and cleaveing to the Lord who will have
mercy upon them.

I hope you will write by the bearer and send
us word whether it will be safe to go up after the Laur
Meeting. Ruth Anna was at Meeting to day and
sounded the gospel trumpet

Janes love & mine to you & all
Halliday Jackson