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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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we dont wish to say a great deal
to you at this time, but rather to encourage
you to listen to the voice of the good Spirit
in your own hearts which will teach you
what is right, and as you obey its dictates
will make you feel happy in your selves
and live in love and friendship with one
another, and with Mankind generally.

Brothers if you do what the good
Spirit tells you is right it will strength
-en your desires to do good & will make
you strong in all your good resolutions
will bless you in this world and make
you happy when you die ---

Cataraugus 9 Mo 21st 1806 Isaac Bonsal John Philips Halliday Jackson

The Indians confer'd a few minutes
together, & the Chief Warrior presently
stood up and made reply to each particular
part of our Speech in substence nearly
as follows ---