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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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expected in a short time they would be
willing to come to this place with a pros-
pect of residing some time among the Allegany

25 of 5th month

This morning arrived the
above named friends which seemed to
open the way with cleanness for Halliday

to return home as he has for some
time had a prospect of being released from
his present engagement. They brought
with them several friendly and sympa-
thetic Letters from my Friends at home.

6 mo 8th

an express came from Cattanaugus

requesting some of us to assist them in view-
ing a seat for a Saw Mill, accordingly H.
& J. Taylor went for the purpose
and returned again in six Days informing
that they had a satisfactory interview
with the Indians, fixed on a place
to build the Mill, and were of the mind
that there was a pretty favourable open-
ness for a settlement to be made at that
place. a few Days after their return we
met the Indians in council at Corn-
Village after a certificate of