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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Brothers We will give you these premiums
for Four years from this time if our young Men
should stay so long, and upon these conditions,
that the person who applies for the premium
must produce a Certificate from two of the Chiefs
certifying the quantity of Grains, Cloth &c. for which
the premium is demanded and that it was
raised or made in the manner above mentioned,
and that the person so applying has not
been intoxicated with strong Drinks at least
for the term of six Months before such ap-
plication; And our Friends Henry Simmons

Joel Swayne & Halliday Jackson are hereby au-
thorized and desired to pay the above mentioned
premiums agreeable to what is herein before

5 mo 22nd 1798 Joshua Sharpless
John Pierce
Henry Simmons
Joel Swayne
Halliday Jackson

After the foregoing was read the Indians re-
tired into a private apartment in order to con-
sult each others minds that they might