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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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the next
night we lodged at the House of a worthy friend
Thomas Gibson

, and were respectfully entertained,
having been from home eight Days and traversed
upwards of 250 miles by way of Shippensburg
Strausburg and Bedford.

7th of the month

three of our company went to
Reece Cadwalders

, halliday jackson and myself to
Union Town to see some of our old acquaintance
that lived thereabouts, Halliday and I parted at
William Dixons and I went to see my brothers
and Sisters that lived near that place, we
were much rejoiced to see each other and I had a good
degree of satisfaction in my visit, yet my stay was
not as long as would have been desirable, in the course
of my journey through Readstone I observed that the
land is of a supervisor quality, abounding with a great
quantity of excellent timber such as Black Walnut
Hickory Wild Cherry and Sugar Maple from
the latter many of the inhabitants supply themselves
with sugar and molasses of an excellent quality which
is a great advantage to a new settled county.
Stone Coal and Iron Ore of an excellent quality
abounds plentifully in this settlement and
appears to afford encouraging prospects for Iron