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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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recomendation for Jacob Taylor

& Jonathan
was read, the Indians expressed much
satisfaction with the Quakers being among
them and that they thought the Indians
and the White People would in a short
time be all alike, after the Indians had done
speaking we reminded them of 20 Dollars
that they had urged us to accept at the
time of the division of their yearly anuity
and that we thought it would be best
to add as much to it, as would buy a
yoke of oxen for the use of the Town
which some of them seemed to consent
too with some reluctance, H Jackson next
informed them of his intentions of re-
turning to his native Land and Corn-
appointed two Indians to ac-
company him as far as Cerestown,
55 miles up the River

accordingly on 17th of this month

he bid adieu to old

and departed I bore
him company to Cerestown as I had
some business there and returned home
in four Days having lodged comfortably two
nights in the woods, and partook of a plentiful