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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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to supply them with a set of mill Irons)
enquiry is intended to be made how, and where
they can be procur'd the most advantageous
for them, and at the least expense to us

But it is of the highest importance to
the Success of what this people appear to have
in prospect, that they be constantly and
closely excited to a sober and diligent
attention to frugality & economy in hus-
banding the pecuniary means afforded them
for improvement

Signed on behalf of the Committee To H. Jackson. J. Swayne | Thomas Wistar Cl:
& H. Simmons
Eighth Letter to the Committee da. 11 mo. 10 1799
Dear Friends,

The latest written intelligence
we received from you was your letter of the
6 month 22nd which came to hand about
the time and mutually beloved Friends visited