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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Abeel


Other Names: Henry O'Beal;Henry O'Bail;Henry O'Beil;Henry O'Neal;Henry Cornplanter

Assumed Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1778

Birth Place: Canawaugus

Death Date: 1832

Death Place: Unknown

Affiliations: Allegany indians , Seneca indians

Notes: The son of Cornplanter and nephew of Handsome Lake. Early in life, he was educated at schools in Pennsylvania, Woodbury, and New York City. Lived in Genesinguhta near the Allegany River around 1798. Occasionally served as official interpreter, guide, and witness to treaties, such as the Treaty of Big Tree. He spoke out against Handsome Lake, particularly after the withcraft trial at Cold Spring in 1809. Served as a major for the United States in the War of 1812.

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