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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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and a green headed fly will be so trou-
-blesome in a while, that horses and Cattle
wont thrive or will rather fall away.
After waiting with some degree of impatience
until between two and three OClock this
afternoon, we were visited by Cornplan-

, his Son Henry, and two Other Indians,
the Chief informed us, that one of his daugh-
-ters was taken very ill yesterday, and a
relation that lived in his family had fell of a
horse and broke his arm, which had pre-
-vented his coming sooner, and that now
he could not he could not go with us for
three days on their account, for which
he was very sorry, but if we did not like to
wait so long, he would hire a guide and send
with us. We informed him we were
very sorry circumstances had happened
so as to prevent our us from having his com-
-pany, but believed it would be best for
us to set of tomorrow Morning, for we
wished to spend a few days with our friend
in Canada, and in Seven days we hoped
we could meet him in Buffaloe, where he
said he intended to be on that day if the
state of his famaly would permit, a guide