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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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11 OClock we went into the Council House
where were a large number of Indians.
10 Chiefs, and a good many Women. Old
Connidias, after our sitting a While,
opened the Council with expressing
thanks to the great spirit in bringing
us safely through our long Journey,
also, that so many of these were col
lected there to day. Desiring the War
riors to pay attention to what should
be communicated to them, then in
formed they were ready to hear what
what we had to lay lay before them, Henry O'Bail

Son was our interpreter.

The Adress from the Committee
on our behalf was first read, then part
of an Epistle to the Women, likewise
a speech from the Young Men residing
here, concerning sowing, grinding
&c. They were also informed, not with
standing our Journey had been long
and trying, we felt peace of Mind
in being with them, and hoped that
our sisters the Indian Women, when
we became a little more acquainted
would be willing to be instructed, tho
we let them know we had no more to