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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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chunks of led hanging to them to stretch them
down, They had a multitude of broaches, jewels and
Breastplates of Silver about their bodies which
with their belts and straps curiously interwoven
with beads and their fine Mocasons
made a splendid appearance to one not acquaint
ed with Indians; we sat down at one end
of the House I trust with our minds humblingly
exercised under the weight of the concern in which
we were engaged and some of the Indians sat
pretty quiet, yet the greatest number of them
manifested much lightness by talking and
laughing, after siting a short time Cornplant

got up (Henry being interpreter) and spoke
nearly as follows

Brothers when I saw you come out of the
bushes yesterday I was rejoiced that you were
come to see your Indian Brothers, I thank
the Great Spirit for your safe arrival and
that you were preserved on the way --
yesterday you told us that you had some talk
for us and desired that your Indian Brothers
might be collected to hear you speak, some
of our Men are hear but our Women could
not come but we will tell them your