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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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stop to their proceedings.

9 mo 15

This day John Pierce

Tho Stew
and Vincent Wiley arrived at
our house, the sight of whoom was truly
satisfactory to us particularly to my
self, I having for a considerable time
part had a prospect of being released
from my present engagement & W
being a Blacksmith will now release
me I having had to act in that capa
city in many instances although pre
viously acquainted with the
look forward to a return my
nation land having been engaged in the
Indian concern upwards of three years

18 of the month

being the time apprai
sed to have an interview with the
Indians Cornplanter

and several other
Chiefs attended and about 20 of their
young men and warriors attended also
with two of the principal men from Buffa
and two from Tonewanto, our friends
read a certificate from the committee
on Indian affairs which was inter
preted to good satisfaction by Henry
also one for V Wiley who intended
stay my someimte amongst them
after matters were treated or Friends i
nformed them of the great satisfaction is
afforded them to obey over the inform