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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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24th of the month

Henry Obeal

several Indians called at our house with
whom we had some conversation, respect
ing their going to work and geting a living
by their industry, one of them said that
some birds had lately come about and
told them that we intended to go home
next Summer and some others were
coming to take our place. We told them
we had not yet concluded how long we would
stay amongst them, but when we went
away we would let them know our rea
sons for going, and that it was likely
some others would come that would be
of as much benefit to them as ourselves -
and that they must not believe all that
these fires told them. -- But still they
seemed uneasy with their information
and said you have told us what to do and
if you go away and some others comes they
will tell us another story, then how
shall we know which is right: we reply
that the Quakers would all tell them
the same story and that they need
not be uneasy in that respect.