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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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for it. Hence after much debate Henry Obail

son of Cornplanter being permited to speak
said, why this image you worship was once
a little sprout that grew out of the ground
it could neither hear nor speak - well it was
made like a man and we worship it still
it can neither hear nor speak- is this the
sort of Great Spirit we worship, cant hear can’t
speak - give me leave and I will make way
with it.- At length it was given up to
him, and he tumbled it into the river &
it floated away -- but they watched him
thinking some evil would happen him
for so doing -- Notwithstanding their image
is gone they still continue regularly twice
a year their dances, offering sacrafices, some-
times burning tobacco &c

12mo 23

From her diary. It has been snow-
ing more or less these two days --


Various reflections pass'd thro’ my
mind to day as I sat knitting, of which
the following is a part-- At this lone-