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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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in peace and friendship with them - he
also said they were very Glad to see us
and was now ready to hear us speak --

After returning them a little Ceremony
of the same kind the address from the
Committee on Indian affairs was read
& interpreted by Henry Abeal

being as follows

To the Chiefs and others of the
Seneca Nation setled on and near the
Allegany River --

Your friends the Quakers continue
frequently to meet in counsel to think of you.

Our minds have been made glad
to hear from time to time of your good
resolutions to live soberly and to refrain
from strong drink as likewise that you
improve in industry and in the ma-
nagement of your Land - we hope the
good Spirit will enable you to keep
your minds strong in these good resolutions

Let your ears be open and may
your hearts be prepar'd to understand -