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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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A few days after Cornplanters

Brother Con
or Handsome Lake collected a num
ber of Indians and told them he had lately
needed instructions from Heaven by three
men whom he stated he had previously seen
these men had told him many things, that
the Indians shamed keep up their old prac
tice and manner of claiming for that was
right and if they did so the Great Spirit would
send into their woods great plenty of game
and cover their ground with a new and rich
soil whereby the Indians may live plen
tifully without much labor and that it was
not right for them to raise wheat and corn
to sell to one another but they were right
in wearing old and ragged clothes and in
painting their skins and tanning often which
was pleasing to the great spirit. These and
often such like foolish and supersitious doc
trines and nations tends very much to obstruct
the work of civilization being calculated to suit
the weak ideas of the natives, and retard our
endeavours for their good - About this time
while their minds were in much agitation
some of them gas a little displeased with
the Quakers being amazed then and as we
were informed came to a conclusion that
we should have the plan Henry Obeal, the
son of Cornplanter being as far our with us
had a very warm debate with them
on the ocassion and told them what we had
done for them which served to put a