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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and a hole in the top of the roof for the
ascension of the Smoke their Houses, are gene
rally very open and cold in the Winter season
and I believe they seldom use more than two Deer skins
and two or three Blankets to bed and often
not so much

This morning Cornplanter

and his son Henry
came into our apartment and desired to hear
what we had to communicate to the Coun
cil: one of our company informed them that
we were not ready to tell all that we expected
to say when the Council met and that we
believed it right to wait for the Good Spirit to
influence our Hearts before we spoke in Council
but that we were willing to read them a
Letter that we had from our friends in
Philadelphia and another from General
James Wilkinson in Pittsburg which was
accordingly done and interpreted by Henry
to his Father; About eleven o clock they
blew a horn and the people came in about about
40 in number among whom was their
principal Men and Chief Warriors many of
them were frightfully painted Black & Red
their Ears cut in great loops with silver or